Sale Agreement

Sports Marketing of 24, Hamilton Courts, Main Clifton Road, Karachi is selling the Product at the following terms and conditions and the buyer has agreed to purchase the Product on these terms and conditions.


Buyer is the name of the person or entity mentioned in overleaf invoice

Product consists of
a) A cricket bat made of English Willow, autographed in original by twelve (12) leading Pakistani batsmen.

b) A wooden frame for displaying the autographed bat.

Terms and conditions
This sale agreement is a legally binding contract between the Buyer and Sports Marketing.
The price excludes shipment and handling costs.
The Product purchased by the Buyer remains the property of Sports Marketing until the Buyer has paid in full. Once the goods are paid for in full, the title will pass to the Buyer.
The Buyer is not permitted to use the Sports Marketing or Batting Legends trademark, logo or any graphic without the express written authority of Sports Marketing.
Sports Marketing warranties the authenticity of the Product through a seperate Certificate of Authenticity.
Sports Marketing holds the exclusive rights to sell the Product which is a limited edition of 250 bats
The contents of the Product cannot used, either individually or collectively, for any sales promotion or advertising or public display without the written permission of Sports Marketing.
No refunds would be allowed after the delivery of the Product.
In case of damage in shipment Sports Marketing would provide a full refund of the purchase price. In case the Buyer wishes for a replacement and Sports Marketing has a Product in inventory it would provide the replacement. All claims for damages should be registered with Sports Marketing within 3 days of receipt of the damaged product after which no claims would be entertained.

Delivery and Payment Terms

Terms and conditions

The Batting Legend Signature Bat and Frame will be delivered Free of Cost to any address in Karachi. Customers outside Karachi, including those outside Pakistan, will be required to pay delivery charges. For Delivery within Pakistan the customer will be required to pay Rs. 5,000/- over and above the cost of the Bat.

For Delivery Charges outside Pakistan, kindly contact us at or contact your nearest Sales Representative

Delivery Time

Delivery Time can take from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the availability of the Frame.

Payment Terms

Customers in Karachi can make payment through Pay Orders in favor of SPORTS MARKETING. Customers outside Karachi, but in Pakistan, can make payment through Bank Drafts in favor of


Pay Orders and Bank Drafts can be mailed to the following address;

Mohammed Yunus
A-504, Prime Residency
Sunny Side Street
Civil Lines, CL-10

Please note that deliveries can only be made after receiving payment.

For Payment Procedures outside Pakistan, kindly contact us at or contact your nearest Sales Representative.
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